We deal with the development and characterization of biomaterials

Such as bioactive glass, porous glass-ceramics, biocompatible nanoparticles and surfaces, responsive hydrogels and nanocomposite polymers. In the field of green technologies, we focus on the development and testing of fuel cells and the study of electrochemical processes.




  • Thermo-chemical functionalization of surfaces
  • Bioactive nanoparticles and nanolayers
  • Porous biocompatible glasses and glass-ceramics
  • Responsive hydrogels for biomedical applications
  • Super-absorbent hydrogels and polymer nanocomposites

Fuel cells

  • Development and characterization of a prototype of a stationary unit of a fuel cell bundle
  • Study of electrochemical processes
  • Description of thermodynamic states
  • Measurement of catalytic and diffusion layer degradation


  • Laboratory of thermal analysis: TGA, DMA, TMA, DSC, DTA
  • Laser chemistry laboratory: Nd-YAG laser, annealing furnaces, sample press, high-temperature furnace.
  • Chemical laboratory: mechanical ultra-dispersing units, vibrating table, ultra-sonicator, sterilizer, precision laboratory scales, dryer, precision metallographic saw.
  • Fuel Cell Laboratory: Greenlight G20 test stand for regulating flow, pressure, humidity, and other fuel cell test parameters.


  • Rheometer: ARES-G2
  • DMA with moisture cell
  • Particle size and distribution analyzer: SLS, DLS
  • Chemical analyzer: WDXRF
  • Low-angle X-ray scattering: SAXS / WAXS
  • Universal tearing machine
  • SEA inverse chromatograph
  • Water vapor sorption DVS


The offer of the CPB department

  • Description of thermal and thermomechanical properties of materials.
  • Description of visco-elastic properties of materials.
  • Determination of chemical properties of solid, bulk and liquid samples.
  • Characterization of surface and sorption properties of solid and powder materials


medicine (hydrogels, inorganic porous carriers, nano-biomaterials), environmental technology (fuel cells, membranes, filtration, eco-nanocatalysts), construction (mechanical and thermal properties of inorganic binders)


Current, selected projects - CPB

"MATEGRA - Advanced porous biomaterials functionalized with stem cells to improve the osseointegration of implants".

The project focuses on the development, optimization, and testing of new types of biocompatible surfaces in titanium implants to improve osseointegration and adhesion of bone tissue. The aim is also to connect research institutions, expert groups and transfer knowledge in the development and testing of new porous biomaterials.

Research team


Ing. Tomáš Kovářík, Ph.D.

Team Leader

+420 377 634 808


Ing. Jaroslav Kadlec

Team Leader Deputy

+420 377 634 738


Ing. Blanka Brabencová, Ph.D.

Department Administrator

+420 377 634 736