We develop measuring systems using IR radiation

We use IR cameras, infradetectors and spectrometers to diagnose thermal processes, analyze optical-thermal properties, optimize heating and non-destructively test materials.



We use infrared radiation and its interaction with the material. We create new measuring methods and instruments that allow the contactless, fast and non-destructive analysis of thermal processes and materials. We focus on:

  • applications for the analysis of optical-thermal properties of surfaces, coatings and bulk materials
  • applications for optimization, monitoring and control of heating and cooling technologies in science and industry
  • applications for non-contact diagnostics of thermal processes in the industry, healthcare, and the environment, so-called thermodiagnostics
  • applications for non-destructive testing or marking of materials and products


  • measuring systems - cameras, detectors, spectrometers ...
  • radiation sources - lasers, lamps, emitters ...
  • methods for the analysis of material properties - SNEHT, EDEHT, ... microscopes
  • application laboratory infrastructure


The offer of IR team

  • Measurement of Photothermal Properties of Materials
    Measurement of properties characterizing heat transfer by infrared radiation, such as emissivity, reflectivity, transmissivity, and absorptivity.
  • Measurement of Technological Thermal Processes
    Measuring temperatures and heat fluxes to optimize, monitor, and control heating and/or cooling technologies.
  • Thermodiagnostics of Equipment, People, and the Environment
    Non-contact detection of non-standard conditions in industrial equipment, people, or the environment using thermal processes.
  • Thermographic Testing of Materials
    Non-destructive detection of inhomogeneities beneath the material surface using thermal excitation and measurement of the material surface temperature.

  • Examples of our services:
    development of a measuring system in heat furnaces of ironworks; measurement of absorption and emissivity of interior materials resources; measuring the functionality of glass coatings and assessing new materials in construction; measuring the emissivity of roads, measuring the emissivity of parts of machines, products, buildings; creation of inspection systems of production lines and assessment of their industrial usability; laser surface texturing, micro-drilling, cutting, engraving and marking; laser cleaning and layer removal; material wear measurement… Advice and training on measuring the temperature of people using thermal imagers
  • Usage:
    aerospace and automotive (measurement and inspection), mechanical, metallurgical and construction industries (measurement and inspection, optical components, laser technologies), energy and healthcare (photovoltaics, personal temperature measurement)

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Regarding contract research, we have cooperated with a number of companies, for example, with AP Racing we have cooperated on the measurement of brake systems, for the company Bombardier we have provided contact and non-contact temperature measurement during technological processes. For Safran, we measured the thermo-physical properties of materials, for Continental we provided laser welding of plastics with thermal imaging control and laser drilling of nozzles. We supplied Volkswagen with some material analysis and measured the thermo-physical properties of the materials. Software for connecting LabIR THERMOSTITCH thermograms was delivered to Unipetrol…


Older selected projects - IR technology

Security research for effective use of IR cameras in case of epidemic threats and crisis situations - „BETERKA“ - Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic - 1.1.2021- 31.12.2022, project number: VI04000029

The project is focused on the research of thermodiagnostic methods using IR cameras as tools for contactless and rapid identification of people with higher temperature and at the same time tools for effective security of the state and its citizens and crisis management and epidemic threats. The project, therefore, includes research into new and more reliable solutions for identifying people with higher body temperatures and research into epidemics. The project also includes dissemination activities towards individual components of the IRS, participants in command and crisis management, as well as manufacturers of thermal imaging systems and others.

Pre-application research of infrared technologies (LabIR-PAV) - Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in the program "Operational Program Research, Development and Education" in the call "Pre-application research for ITI II", 1.7.2018 - 31.12.2022, project number: CZ.02.1.01 / 0.0 /0.0/18_069/0010018

Pre-application research in the field of photonics focusing on widely applicable measurement methods based on physical processes in the field of infrared radiation. With the intentions of Industry 4.0, the research plan represents a potential innovative solution for intelligent laser production machines and predictive thermodiagnostic maintenance.

Non-Contact NDI for Polymer Composite Structures - ESA / ESAC - European Space Agency - January 2020 - June 2021, project number: AO / 1-9843 / 19 / NL / GLC

The main objective of this activity is the development/demonstration of the applicability of contactless methods in non-destructive inspection within defined reliability; in order to detect defects/damage of fiber-reinforced composite structural parts, in the assembly and without the need for dismantling.

Research team


prof. Ing. Milan Honner, Ph.D.

Team Leader

+420 377 634 720


Ing. Jan Šroub, Ph.D.

Team Leder Deputy

+420 377 634 722


Ing. Jaromíra Sudová Šimlová

Team Administrator

+420 377 634 833