Other education

Our researchers are continuously involved in events and projects that lead to the popularization of science and to the improvement of teaching in primary and secondary schools. The aim is to increase students' interest in technical fields.

Other education

thermal imaging for schools

We used our many years of experience with research in the field of infrared radiation in the development of an affordable IR camera for the "Thermal Imaging for Schools" project. Our IR camera serves as an easy-to-use teaching aid designed for school children.

Our goal is to get a non-traditional tool for schools and educational centers, with which students can work creatively and entertain the invisible dimensions of school objects with fun.

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Workshop pro učitele - Církevní gymnázium Plzeň

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"Photonics Explorer" is a teaching training kit designed for the needs of teaching physics. This set contains a variety of experimental and teaching material, including supporting didactic recommendations by the teacher himself. The "Photonics Explorer" set was developed by an international team of teachers and pedagogical experts from 11 European Union countries and was tested by almost 2,000 students from 7 European Union countries. The set contains not only experimental components (eg aluminum mirrors, color filter sets, color LED modules, sets of robust plastic lenses with different focal lengths, etc.), but also 8 educational modules with worksheets, fact sheets and notes for teachers.

The aim of "Photonics Explorer" is the implementation of teaching optics by a modern method and support students in their work in the physical field of optics and photonics. Gradually, thanks to Edukit, students should develop their creativity, critical thinking and scientific skills needed in the potential career development in science and technology.

The set was provided thanks to the financial support of the International Society for Optics and Photonics SPIE completely free of charge to selected primary and secondary school teachers after a previous short training through our researchers, who also participated in the creation of the Czech version of this set.

Distribution is provided by the non-profit organization Eyest.

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