We are engaged in the development of innovative types of redox flow batteries

Batteries enabling safe, efficient, and long-term storage of large volumes of electricity. Another area of ​​research is non-destructive defectoscopic analysis of materials using X-ray micro-tomography.



  • Redox flow batteries and other electrochemical systems
  • Non-destructive analysis of internal morphology of heterogeneous materials and defectoscopic analysis using computer microtomography


  • Test stands for components of electrochemical systems with a controlled agent
  • Xradia 400 X-ray computer microtomography
  • Raman microscope
  • Leica ultramicrotome


The offer of the EEP department

  • Research and development of components for electrochemical systems
  • Development and production of components for electrochemical systems
  • Non-destructive defectoscopic analysis of materials (plastics, composites, ceramics, non-ferrous metals)
  • Morphological analysis of heterogeneous materials

Examples of our services:

non-destructive analysis of the internal structure of materials, search for internal defects of materials, eg after fatigue tests and detection of weak points, comparison of products with the model during the innovation


industry (defectoscopy, product innovation), energy (secure energy storage), ecology (recyclability, renewables)


As part of contract research, we performed defectoscopic, morphological, and spectral analyzes for our partners.      

Current selected projects - EEP

READEL - Reactors for Rapid Adaptation of New Electrochemical Technologies - FW06010097 - Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

The main goal of the project is the development of easily adjustable bundles of plate reactors to accelerate the commercialization of newly developed electrochemical technologies. Two reactor scales will be developed, with the smaller one serving as a tool for applied research (laboratory series of reactors) and the larger one for the needs of pilot testing of the given electrochemical technologies. The proposed concept will be applied to promising electrochemical technologies developed at the University of West Bohemia and the University of Chemistry and Technology. Specifically, these include: 1) Zn-I2 flow batteries, which have advantages over existing technologies in terms of higher capacity per kilogram and lower raw material costs; 2) CO2 electrolysis, for reducing carbon footprint and obtaining products with higher added value; and 3) technology for the production of hypervalent iodine for application in organic syntheses.

FLOWSCALE - Technology for Industrial Redox Flow Battery Production - TK05020043 - Technology Agency of the Czech Republic - TK05020043

The project aims to develop industrial redox flow batteries. The project includes the development of technologies for producing inexpensive and reliable bundles of redox flow batteries. Tools will be developed to enable precise, cost-effective, and semi-automatic assembly of battery bundles using developed internal frames with integrated bipolar plates. Tools for rapid testing of material and battery component properties will also be developed within the project. The main output of the project will be a battery module allowing the use of multiple bundles (2 - 10) with a total power of 50 kW, serving as a basic building unit for the construction of stationary battery energy storage systems with installed power ranging from hundreds of kW to several MW.

Completed projects - EEP team

HIGREEW: High-performance green redox batteries available - European Commission, 01/11/2019 - 28/02. 2023

The aim of the project is to develop an advanced redox battery based on new, water-soluble, inexpensive organic electrolytes compatible with the optimized membrane.

ADFLOW - Development of advanced flow-through electrochemical energy storages - TAČR, 01. 08. 2019 - 31.12. 2023

The aim of the project is the development of advanced energy storage using high-capacity cathodes based on an oxygen electrode. Two groups of systems will be studied: Metal-air and organic-air and research into so-called high-performance flow cell bundles.

Research team


Ing. Miloš Svoboda, Ph.D.

Team Leader

+420 377 634 744


Olga Bursová

Team Administrator

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