gender equality

We believe that the generational, cultural, religious, gender, and ability diversity contributes to the creation of innovative and different ideas and perspectives.

We want to learn based on the principle of equality and non-discrimination that governs all our actions. We intend to develop talents across our community of researchers, that´s why we´ve prepared the NTC Gender Equality Plan (GEP). 


GEP Ambassador: Mgr. Dita Sládková, Deputy Director for PR

Chief Coordinator: Mgr. Petr Kavalíř, Ph.D., MBA, Director

HR Coordinator: Ing. Blanka Čechurová, Head of Director Office

Financial Coordinator: Ing. Michal Mrázek, Head of Finance

Deputy of Early Stage Researchers: Ing. Tomasz Bońkowski


Our NTC GEP includes actions to reach objectives following the guidelines of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) which aims to identify and implement innovative strategies to promote cultural change and equal opportunities in Universities and Research Centres.

The overall structure of the NTC GEP has been elaborated as an expanding activity of HRS4R topics concerning diversity, equality, and inclusion activities. It is in line with the NTC's intention to intensify cooperation with global research institutions and increase international teams.

The NTC GEP is divided into five key areas:

  • Governance 
  • Career development
  • Work-life balance
  • Gender equality in research
  • Measures against gender-based violence