The offer of IR team

  • Measurement of Photothermal Properties of Materials
    Measurement of properties characterizing heat transfer by infrared radiation, such as emissivity, reflectivity, transmissivity, and absorptivity.
  • Measurement of Technological Thermal Processes
    Measuring temperatures and heat fluxes to optimize, monitor, and control heating and/or cooling technologies.
  • Thermodiagnostics of Equipment, People, and the Environment
    Non-contact detection of non-standard conditions in industrial equipment, people, or the environment using thermal processes.
  • Thermographic Testing of Materials
    Non-destructive detection of inhomogeneities beneath the material surface using thermal excitation and measurement of the material surface temperature.

  • Examples of our services:
    development of a measuring system in heat furnaces of ironworks; measurement of absorption and emissivity of interior materials resources; measuring the functionality of glass coatings and assessing new materials in construction; measuring the emissivity of roads, measuring the emissivity of parts of machines, products, buildings; creation of inspection systems of production lines and assessment of their industrial usability; laser surface texturing, micro-drilling, cutting, engraving and marking; laser cleaning and layer removal; material wear measurement… Advice and training on measuring the temperature of people using thermal imagers
  • Usage:
    aerospace and automotive (measurement and inspection), mechanical, metallurgical and construction industries (measurement and inspection, optical components, laser technologies), energy and healthcare (photovoltaics, personal temperature measurement)

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