The offer of IR team

  • Research of new measuring principles and methods

-search of the current state, proposal of alternatives of technical solutions, analysis of advantages-disadvantages, laboratory verification ...

  • Development of measuring instruments and measurement methods

- cooperation on projects, verification in operational conditions, consulting and training

  • Commercialization of ready-made solutions under the LabIR® brand

- special colors for thermal imaging measurements, own software for thermal imaging analysis and services of advanced thermographic measuring methods

  • Examples of our services:
    development of a measuring system in heat furnaces of ironworks; measurement of absorption and emissivity of interior materials resources; measuring the functionality of glass coatings and assessing new materials in construction; measuring the emissivity of roads, measuring the emissivity of parts of machines, products, buildings; creation of inspection systems of production lines and assessment of their industrial usability; laser surface texturing, micro-drilling, cutting, engraving and marking; laser cleaning and layer removal; material wear measurement… Advice and training on measuring the temperature of people using thermal imagers
  • Usage:
    aerospace and automotive (measurement and inspection), mechanical, metallurgical and construction industries (measurement and inspection, optical components, laser technologies), energy and healthcare (photovoltaics, personal temperature measurement)