The offer of the HBM department

  • Prediction and analysis of tissue load and injury in impact scenarios and medical applications
  • Prediction of birth injuries based on virtual models and assessment of the impact of the intervention (obstetrician intervention)
  • Analysis of postural balance, walking, jumping, etc.
  • Injury prevention and performance analysis in sport
  • Calculation of muscle activity in the prescribed movement

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Examples of our services:

  • Numerical analyzes of the effect of an impact on the human body, including an assessment of the existence of injuries (crash tests, traffic accidents)
  • Musculoskeletal analysis of human body load
  • Product optimization from the point of view of stress and safety (design and testing of personal protective equipment)


  • Automotive industry and transport (crash tests, accident analyzes)
  • Sport (injury prevention, performance prediction, optimization of protective equipment)
  • Healthcare (prosthetics, optimization of procedures in medicine)