NTC Techlab - Technological Center

within the Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness

PO-1 Development of research and development for innovation


Name of  the Project:
NTC Techlab Technological Center

Project No:
CZ.01.1.02 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 20_329 / 0023413

Project annotation:
The subject of the project is the establishment of a relatively small technology center NTC Techlab for the purpose of expanding the existing research and technological services of STP. The main goal of the project is to improve the capacity for the joint use of technologies, which will enable the expansion of research services of the existing prosperous Science and Technology Park in Pilsen.

Principal investigator (Responsible organizational part of the UWB):
New Technologies - Research Center (NTC)

Financial allocation:
Total ineligible expenses: CZK 21,222,278.00
Grant: CZK 10,611,139.00

Project start date:
1. 1. 2021

Project completion date:
30. 6. 2022

List of devices and offered services:

1) Deposition device - MBE System
The MBE deposition system technology is mainly used for the preparation of layers for semiconductor devices. This is one of the key methods for the development of nanotechnologies. The MBE method also makes it possible to prepare materials for organic semiconductors.

2) Software for CT and Graphic station for CT
It is a complementary addition to the Xradia 400 X-ray microtomography for the analysis of defectoscopy of material samples. For wider technological use and especially industrial applicability, the corresponding SW and graphic workstation were added, which enables the expansion of NTC services for the benefit of companies.

3) Graphic computing server DGX and SW for DGX server
Again, this is a complementary addition of SW and HW to the existing assets of HW and SW at NTC. The intention is to expand the existing HPC clusters of NTC with a computing machine with GPU chips, which will provide an HW basis for SW based on the SPH method. SW, which is based on the SPH method (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics, particle hydrodynamics) is designed primarily for the simulation of multiphase flow in complex and moving geometries with the possibility of solving heat transfer.

4) Laboratory furnace
The laboratory furnace finds application in the experimental verification of the feasibility of melting complex samples or sintering some powder materials. In smaller series, it allows thermal modifications of surfaces, such as electrodes or ceramic membranes.

5) Measuring system/control panel
The measuring control panel allows the measurement of temperatures, voltages and currents (current loops). Measurements are carried out in connection with industrial partners, especially in the field of energy and the automotive industry.

6) Automatic grinder/polisher
Automatic microchip-controlled grinder/polisher with peristaltic pumps for dosing diamond suspensions and with a pump for dosing oxide suspensions. All processes (grinding, polishing, cleaning of samples, dosing of polishing fluids, replacement of grinding and polishing discs) are performed fully automatically / semi-automatically according to the program.