HCENAT Project - Naturalness in Human Cognitive Enhancement

HCENAT Project - Naturalness in Human Cognitive Enhancement, 2014-2017 - Norway Grants. The Programme Operator of the Czech-Norwegian research program is the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.


New Technologies - UWB Research Center, National Institute of Mental Health, Charles University (1st Faculty of Medicine), Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.


The project has built a new international research partnership on the technological improvement of Human Cognitive Enhancement (HCE) and provided a clear and accessible analysis of HCE, guidance and guidance for those responsible for HCE development, implementation and decision-making, as well as for future users of HCE systems. The aim of the project was to create a philosophically clearly anchored transparent framework for the description and evaluation of the acceptability of HCE systems in public space and at the same time to formulate recommendations for the area of ​​social and political management of HCE. The results included, for example, the development of the Key-to-Voice conceptual keyboard and the creation of the Human Cognitive Enhancement Wiki (HCEwiki).

Selected results:

  • Key-to-Voice: As part of the Naturalness to Improve Human Cognitive Abilities (HCENAT) project, we developed a conceptual tablet keyboard for hospitalized patients who for some reason cannot speak. Key-to-voice is a free application that makes it easier for people with voice restrictions to communicate. It is primarily intended for use in a hospital environment, where it helps patients communicate in the first days after surgery. With a single press of a button on the tablet keyboard, the patient can immediately "pronounce" - play - basic phrases, requirements related to his acute needs, and easily inquire about his current state of health. Source code available at Github
  •  Human Cognitive Enhancement Wiki - HCEwiki: The Human Cognitive Enhancement Wiki, ie HCEwiki, is an encyclopedia gathering information about technologies that in some way improve or modify human cognition. It was developed as part of the Naturalness in Human Cognitive Enhancement (HCENAT) project and is now open to readers and other authors interested in the topic. Wikipedia is English, available at hcewiki.zcu.cz