BY-CZ 337 - Virtual models for optimization of medical training

Cross-Border Cooperation Program Czech Republic – Free State of Bavaria, EUS Objective 2014-2020, 1.7.2021 – 31.12.2022, project no. 337


New Technologies – Research Centre (Department of Biomechanical Human Body Models), Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg, Charles University (Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen).


The major goal of the project is to improve a virtual model of the pelvic floor and to develop a motion feedback system. These will then be combined to create a training tool for obstetricians and midwives. Better trained staff will reduce the stress on the perineum during birth, as well as reduce their own stress during the birth process. This should minimize the risk of injury to the child, mother and birth attendant. Further application of this system in the context of a wide range of ergonomic questions is expected.