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Modelling and measurement of interactions in technical systems (MIS)


The department is focused on computer modelling and experimental investigations of steady and unsteady processes in technical systems, especially CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analyses of fluids flows. Besides of standard engineering problems, the main aim is at solving complex tasks. As an example it can be referenced: the interaction of a flowing fluid with a second phase (droplets, particles); other physical field (electromagnetic, thermal field); bodies (FSI – Fluid Structure Interaction) or problems with consideration of other processes (e.g. chemical reactions). To solve these tasks, commercial codes (ANSYS FLUENT and CFX, NUMECA FINE/Turbo) enhanced with additional models and functions are mainly used. Together with commercial codes also open software code (OpenFoam) and home-made programs can be used in some cases.The department uses powerful computational cluster with commercial licences.

Within experimental investigations the department provides calorimetric testing facility focused on measurement of heat exchangers operational characteristics. Facility subcomponents (aerodynamic tunnel with measuring space, overpressure air loop with electric heating and overpressure liquid loop with electric heating) can be used also to other measurement types.

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